Join the #tryanuary movement!

Make it your mission to seek out new INDEPENDENT breweries, beers, bars and bottle shops, and share your discoveries with people throughout January.

Even though the UK is currently enjoying a boom in all things beer, those hard-working independent businesses still need your vital support! By celebrating, sharing and enjoying what's out there, you can help. We all know that supporting local businesses benefits everyone in the long run. 

Why not visit your bottle shop for a couple of new brews?
Try the new micro-pub that's opened up round the corner?
Visit a local brewery to learn about the beer they make?
Ask in your local which beers really are local?

Then share your discoveries and find other people's via the #tryanuary hashtag!

This isn't about drinking more.
It's about trying something different. 
Tasting something new.
Experiencing something interesting. 

And this doesn't just have to be for January.
But remember - drink in moderation. All year round!